Suzi Homemaker

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I started this blog because I don't have anyone in real life I can talk about sex with. Some women have girlfriends that they feel comfortable sharing all the juicy details with. I do not. I thought this would be a fun outlet for me to let that side of me out and doing it in an anonymous way would be a safe way to do so.

I do not consider my sex life anything extraordinary, certainly not so exciting that it deserves its own blog. I just want a place that I can talk about it openly and freely.

I don't know how much personal info I'll be sharing but for now I'll tell you that I am a happily married wife and mother.

The frequency of the sex we're having has increased lately and I must say I love it! I think part of that is due to a new tradition of sleeping naked. I'm getting used to it and don't seem to do it everyday, but it is the goal. Some days I'm already so sleepy I just fall into bed with my clothes on. But sleeping naked has presented more opportunities for the sex. I also prefer it just because I feel like when I'm in bed and roll around, my pj's will bunch up and get uncomfortable. So there's also that comfort factor. A bonus is, even if we don't end up having sex, sleeping naked and having the sheets against my skin and being able to cuddle with the husband and press my naked skin on his just makes me feel more sexy.

We got to get out on a date the other night (a rare treat for us). All day we were anticipating it. After hubby got out of the shower he told me how while he was showering he remembered our dating days (long ag0) and how we used to have sex in the car. Mostly me giving him a handjob or blowing him in the car. Then I knew sex was on his mind and then it was on mine! On the way to our date, I reached over and rubbed him a few times. I also did that in the movie theater. They weren't full on hand jobs or anything like that. Just some touching. Just wanted to keep sex on his brain! After we got home, we had sex. I can't remember the sequence of events but I do remember we did it in one of my new favorite positions. I don't know what it's called but I was on my side, one leg on the bed, the other leg up in the air and he kneels behind me. For him it's almost like doggy style, except since I'm sideways he's pushing down more than forward. It hits different spots and I love it.

I'm really not sure how this blog will go. I was excited about starting it and then realized I'm not sure I have all that much to talk about! No promises on the frequency of posts, we'll just see how it goes...